Senior adult with very crowded teeth

This is a testimony from a senior adult who had very crowded
teeth and periodontal problems. Because my practice emphasis is on low volume and personal care we specialize in unusual cases.

The difference in the very crooked teeth I had since childhood and the perfect ones I have now after having braces as a
Senior is huge and wonderful. I had told myself “now or never for braces” and if I hadn’t been for Dr. Hulsey and his staff, I may not have done it.Read More

Insignia Core User’s Meeting

I recently attended the annual Insignia Core User’s meeting.
This is an invitation only meeting sponsored by the Ormco corporation, the developer of the Damon braces. Insignia is
is the state of the art technique in orthodontics and it continues to progress. The advantages of Insignia for orthodontics is many. First all the teeth are measured from study models and then set up to an ideal position. They are then scanned and sent to Dr. Hulsey for his approval. The Insignia braces are Damon braces precision made for each individuals teeth. This accomodates for each individual’s tooth variation, as well as variation from dental work. The result is greater accuracy, faster treatment and a better result and stability. In summary, Insignia is the future in orthodontics.

Orthodontics for Less – What is Going on Here?

Can Poor Orthodontics Be Corrected?

Since the recession I have seen many patients who have been orthodontically treated very poorly. Every body is trying to save a buck! Not all of these are TMJ patients.

Here is an example: A 50 year old lady who had prior orthodontic treatment wanted her teeth improved. The chosen orthodontist did a good job straightening her teeth. Unfortunately, the movement of the teeth was incorrect and they had been moved to the wrong place on her face.  After completing treatment, she came to me concerned about the change in her smile. The mistake is very clear when comparing the pre treatment photos to the post treatment photos. The orthodontist did not pay enough attention to her facial structure.  In the end, when she smiled, she looked like she didn’t have any teeth.Read More

San Diego Orthodontist – Charles Hulsey – Describes the Benefits of Xylitol

San Diego Orthodontist

Charles Hulsey – Describes the Benefits of Xylitol

Xylitol is a harmless sugar which has been found to drastically inhibit the bacteria which cause tooth decay. A three-year study in Hungary among nearly 700 students showed that having xylitol-sweetened candy several times each day reduced the incidence of decay far better than fluoridated toothpaste or flouride in milk.Read More