Holistic Approach

Dr. Charles M. Hulsey is the Holistic Orthodontist in San Diego County

Dr. Hulsey is the original Holistic Orthodontist which means he is concerned about his patient’s total health. This is unique within the orthodontic profession!

When Dr. Hulsey started his practice he had many patients with TMJ symptoms and chronic pain. Because traditional treatment was lacking, and to gain more knowledge about his patient’s problems and how to resolve them, Dr. Hulsey studied with many practitioners in alternative health disciplines. Some of these disciplines included cranial osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, nutritionists and others. As a result of his studies, Dr. Hulsey founded the Holistic Dental Association in 1978. The knowledge he gained through his additional studies, carriers over into his holistic philosophy. He has found that approximately 20 percent of his young orthodontic patients have an incipient TMJ problem which he can change by changing their jaw position.

Dr. Hulsey has helped many young children who suffered from:

  • headaches
  • tooth grinding
  • earaches with no infection
  • ringing, stuffy or itchy ears
  • TMJ symptoms
  • sleep apnea
  • hyperactivity
  • sore knees and legs
  • repetitive injuries the doctors couldn’t solve

The most difficult treatment in orthodontics is resolution of TMJ problems. To do this requires considerable expertise and attention to detail in orthodontics. Unfortunately he has found that many TMJ problem are caused by poor orthodontic care.

He identifies and often resolves less severe TMJ problems during his routine orthodontic treatment. He has also relieved leg pains, knee pains and chronic injury problems in athletes. He has found that structural balance improves athletic performance and he has developed a sports bite device which maximizes their strength and performance.

Dr. Hulsey has treated and relieved many adults of head and neck-aches, chronic back pain and more. He has treated over 1000 TMJ pain patients and his philosophy of structural balance gives long lasting relief. His holistic philosophy and knowledge allows him to provide even greater value to his orthodontic patients!

Committed to State-of-the-Art Orthodontic Technology & Optimum Health

Dr. Hulsey will work diligently to provide optimum “state of the art” orthodontic and dento-facial orthopedic results for you or your child. He prefers to see children at age six or seven so he can evaluate the need for growth guidance which will result in optimum facial esthetics. He is totally committed to non extraction of teeth and facial growth for optimum function and esthetics.

He is a noted researcher and inventor with a unique background. He has found through his studies that the bite is an important component to total health. He is therefore not concerned with just straight teeth but also with body posture and the mechanics of the body and the interrelationship with the bite, head and neck, feet and various other body parts. Dr. Hulsey focuses on establishing balance in the body structure to alleviate pain and dysfunction.

Dr. Hulsey tests patients for possible sensitivities to metals in orthodontic appliances and he has non allergenic braces and appliances available. He uses state of the art orthodontic appliances such as Damon Braces, Insignia, Invisalign Braces, Lingual Invisible Braces, clear orthodontic braces and numerous orthopedic appliances. He selects the best appliance for each patient taking into account the desired result and the ease and speed at which various appliances produce results.

Please browse through our website as you will find it very informative. There is a special section on holistic health which we hope you find of great value!

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