Christine Estrema

Before coming to Dr. Hulsey I had constant headaches, nausea and high anxiety from TMJ. Other orthodontists either said they would need to break my jaw or that there was nothing wrong with my teeth. Dr. Hulsey not only diagnosed my condition but was able to use braces to fix my TMJ. Three months after starting treatment with Dr.Hulsey my pain was gone and I started feeling like my old self again. Now I have no pain, lots of energy, not to mention a beautiful smile.

Diana McSpadden, CTA

I want to thank Collette, Laurie, Kandi, Jana, and of course, Dr. Hulsey for the continuously welcoming attitudes and serious work. I walk into the office, get greeted as if they are my long-time friends, and get to listen to wonderful music.I really appreciate the work done in my mouth, and the way that everyone works for the best results. Perfectionism is perfect for me! My smile is so much nicer with straighter teeth, and my gums are healthier too!

Linda Ann Sommer

I wore braces for 2 years and one month! It wasn’t easy at first, but the kind and caring staff at Leading Edge made the procedure easier to bear! Dr. Hulsey possesses a great eye for how things should look and even though I wanted to get that metal out of my mouth, I trusted that he would know when the best time was to remove them. I believe that they came out at the right time.

Sam Clisby, Age 18

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hulsey’s for about a year and half. I have to say that it has been, surprisingly, one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve had. Of course nobody loves their braces but if there was anything I did love, it was coming to the Dr. Hulsey’s office. Not only did I gain straight teeth through him and his staff but I gained an extended family. The office is a place I will always feel welcome at. I definitely recommend Dr. Hulsey to other patients.

JoAnne Suarez

It’s never too late in life for a perfect smile! As an adult patient, that first trip is intimidating, but Dr. Hulsey and his staff gave me comfort and assurance to look ahead at what the results would be. Now at age 54, with beautiful straight teeth I think it was well worth it. My thanks to Dr. Hulsey and his staff who made this experience pleasant and rewarding.

Sherry Hooper, mother

We want to let you know how pleased we are with Rachel’s treatment. She will have her braces off by the end of this month and she has been so happy with the process and the wonderful staff at the Ramona office. 

Ruth Jacobson

A few years back I was in so much pain with my TMJ. The constant tension on my teeth and jaw wore me down. I needed help. I received a referral to your office You explained all my questions to my treatment. I remember how hard it was for me to smile for my “before”picture. Thank you again for sticking with me and giving me pain-free meals and a beautiful smile.